The New Leaf Network is a community network

Come one and all to the archive of tumblrs Animal Crossing Network. A community dedicated to keep the small community tight and friendly!! Have fun and enjoy!!

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Momoko Crossing
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とびだせ どうぶつの森

A bubbly blog filled with QR Codes, Screenshots, Guides, And much more!

Japanese AC3DS Blog with semi-focus on designs made by myself.

a Wild World journal blog with occasional reblogs
Turning Over a New Leaf

My adventures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
Shine Bright Like A Gyroid
This blog will become my town blog once new leaf is released along with anything ac related. In the meantime it contains my random ac thought text posts, reblogged qr codes, screencaps and fanart! I also have a bigcartel ( that sells my fan-made animal crossing banner necklaces!
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